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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
-Eleanor Roosevelt-


The guidance department administers a comprehensive standardized testing program.  The results of these tests are provided to students and available to parents upon request.  The following tests are used to help students determine career paths and college entrance levels.  The testing program includes:

The guidance department administers the state mandated Graduation Exit Exam and EOC.  These tests are usually administered during the months of March or April.  Tutoring opportunities, in all four academic areas, are available after school before the tests are given.  Tutoring opportunities are also provided after testing for those students who need to retake the GEE.

Graduation and Scheduling
Act Testing Dates
  • Fees
    Regular Registration Deadline $39.50--Basic $56.50 basic test and writing (late registration: regular fee plus $25.00)
  • Writing test is optional
    Students should check the list of colleges that require or recommend the Writing Test before registering.
  • Codes
    ACT High School Code is 192-647 (L)
    SMSH Test Center Code: 177760 (N)
    College and Scholarship TOPS Code: 1595 (O)
    NCAA Eligibility Code: 9999 (O)
  • Testing available at SMSH all months EXCEPT
    September and February
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